Are My People REALLY Growing Spiritually?
What Actions Should I Take to Help Them Grow?

REVEAL is helping leaders find the answers – and make measurable, positive changes in the process of growing disciples. After years of studying 300,000 in-depth responses from congregants in 1,200 churches across a wide variety of denominations, we have learned:

  • Church activity IS NOT a blueprint for spiritual growth.
  • A person’s love of God and love of others increases along a SPIRITUAL CONTINUUM defined by their relationship with Christ.
  • KEY CATALYSTS trigger movement along the continuum.
  • Churches that know how their people stack up against these catalysts have a CLEAR ROADMAP to guide their spiritual growth.


The REVEAL MAP process helps you Measure your spiritual reality, take Action on your top priorities, and track Progress in the spiritual lives of your people.

REVEAL can help you be more certain that you are heading down the best path to help your people grow spiritually.

Ordering REVEAL

This coming September, the REVEAL team will launch the latest version of the REVEAL Survey.  With a new report, based on the latest data and findings outlined in the Rise book, an individual option for congregants (Reveal4Me) and a powerful new technology platform, the new survey will deliver powerful and relevant results.

In the lead-up to the September 2015 launch, we are fielding no new surveys at this time.

To be contacted when the new REVEAL Survey is released, contact us at:  or  07 3356 9562

Why take the Survey?

It captures the spiritual “unseen”

The REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey provides your church with a vivid picture of the “unseen” hearts of your people and their spiritual growth. It utilises state-of-the-art research to capture not just spiritual behaviors, but also attitudes, beliefs and felt-needs of churchgoers.

The Spiritual Life Survey helps measure whether your church is really making a difference.

The Spiritual Life Survey is a proven way to benchmark and track spiritual growth in a congregation. It moves beyond measures like attendance and financial giving to determine if a church is really making a difference in helping people become more like Christ.

It’s easy

The Spiritual Life Survey is an anonymous, congregational online survey that is easy to understand, simple to administer and repeatable over time to monitor change. Its large database (more than 250,000 congregants from over 1,000 churches, twenty denominations and nineteen countries) lets you compare your results with other churches.

How It Works

Once you order the Spiritual Life Survey, we’ll work together to make sure your experience is trouble-free and successful. Our goal is for 20% or for smaller churches (under 400) at least 100 of the adults attending your weekend services to complete the survey.

Here are four steps we’ll take to help you – and four steps you’ll need to take to meet that goal.

What we’ll do for you

  1. Provide a unique on-line survey link to send to your congregation
    After you order the Spiritual Life Survey, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to a Church Profile Form. When you complete that form, you’ll choose a starting date for the two-week period when you’ll field the survey. You’ll then be sent a unique on-line survey link a week prior to your starting date.
  2. Provide marketing collateral to help encourage participation
    Access the Spiritual Life Survey logo, suggested templates for email and print communication, and key messages for verbal announcements.
  3. Provide response updates so you know how you’re doing
    You’ll receive updates on the number of responses we’ve received from your congregation twice a week during your two-week survey period.
  4. Deliver your REVEAL report within 30 days after your survey closes
    You’ll receive a comprehensive report on your survey findings within 30 days in a PowerPoint format to help facilitate your communication about your results.

What you’ll need to do

  1. Complete the Church Profile Form
    The Church Profile Form (see above) will ask you to select a starting date for the two-week period when you’ll field the survey.
  2. Create a promotional plan that works for your church
    Customise the Promotional Guidelines to fit your congregation. The key to success is to make the survey a top priority for your church, with strong support from your Senior Pastor.
  3. Prepare your email list
    Use as many email addresses as possible to ensure a strong response rate. Our goal is a 20% response rate or for smaller churches (under 400) at least 100; so if you average 1000 adults at weekend services, we need 200 responses.
  4. Promote the survey and encourage participation

What You Get

Within 30 days after your survey closes, you’ll receive a customised, comprehensive report in presentation form that benchmarks and analyses your church’s spiritual profile.

You’ll see what’s going on in your church as well as how the spiritual attitudes, practices and beliefs of your people compare to the REVEAL survey database of over 1,200 churches and 300,000 congregants.

A 40+ Page Report Including the Following:

  • A REVEAL Spiritual Vitality Index comparing your church to the REVEAL database
  • A Background Profile of your church:
    °Church tenure
    °Church’s “Most Important Needs”, including Satisfaction Levels
  • Senior Pastor’s “Most Important Activities”, including Satisfaction Level
  • The REVEAL Spiritual Life Analysis of your church:
    °Spiritual Continuum Profile
    °Catalysts of Spiritual Growth
    °Barriers to Spiritual Growth
  • Extensive notes that walk you through the findings of each chart
  • PowerPoint format facilitates communication of survey findings
  • 100+page appendix with all of the data from your survey

For more information, contact us at:  or  07 3356 9562