GLS Plus 2018

GLS Plus 2018 with Carey Nieuwhof

Gold Coast | 9th May | $109Adelaide | 7th May | $109

GLS Plus 2018 with Carey Niewhof is a one-day conference for church leaders and teams passionate about healthy, effective and sustainable ministry.

Over our day together you will have opportunity to hear from Carey Nieuwhof who joins us in person to share transferable principles for churches of any size passionate about the Great Commission. You will learn principles on Developing leaders who thrive, keys to creating a Church with a lasting impact, The high impact leader, The multiplier effect (young leaders), Leading change without losing it and Renewing the leader’s heart.

Register for either Monday 7th May, 2018 in Adelaide, or on Wednesday 9th May, 2018 on the Gold Coast to network, worship, learn, grow and have a lot of fun with hundreds of leaders from across Australia.