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Statement from the Board of Willow Creek Association Australia

By September 10, 2018 No Comments

On August 15, the Board of the Willow Creek Association Australia (WCAA) published a statement regarding allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Hybels, former Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church and founder of the Global Leadership Summit. You can read that statement here: https://willowcreek.org.au/statement-board-willow-creek-association-australia/  

In recent days the WCAA Board has reached out to Nancy Beach, one of the founding members and former long term senior staff members of Willow Creek Community Church. Nancy also worked for a number of years for the Willow Creek Association. The WCAA Board contacted Nancy to seek her advice as we lead the GLS movement in Australia. An independent investigation (as announced) is still to be carried out into the allegations made against Bill Hybels. Nancy is one of the ten women who has made allegations, and has been an advocate for others who have come forward.

Nancy has been extraordinarily gracious and generous in her response to us. She has made the following statement to our Australian GLS community:

I fully support those who decide to go ahead and host the GLS with the hope that the experience can lead toward healing, healthier cultures, and great learning for how we can recognize the abuse of power in leadership. I know several of the Board members, and I believe the Board of Willow Creek Australia are fully committed to being part of a constructive path toward repentance, healing and restoration. They do not intend to act as though nothing significant has happened and try to cover up and move on. Rather, they want to ask, “What can all of us learn from this heartbreaking season and how can we honor God going forward?”

(Nancy Beach)

As a Board we will continue to explore how we best lead through the forthcoming GLS season and beyond it, especially with respect to continuing a conversation about how women and men can lead and serve together in healthy, respectful and life-giving ways, and in learning to recognise the abuse of power in leadership. We will issue a further statement in due course.

Stu Cameron

Willow Creek Association Australia
Contact: [email protected]

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